Guidelines for Candidacy Exam

An open Chemistry Notebook


All PhD students must write a research plan prior to taking the candidacy exam.

Plan should include the research objective, results of other current related research or literature, a detailed description of the experimental or theoretical work to be performed, preliminary results and an indication of how the research objective will be fulfilled

Should be no more than 10 pages including figures and appendices, not including references. Format must be Times New Roman size 12, 1.5-spaced, with one-inch margins.

Research adviser must approve the plan before submission to the Examining Committee.

Plan must be electronically transmitted to the Chemistry Department and the Examining Committee (consisting of, at minimum, the research adviser and two other faculty members) as a PDF document at least seven calendar days before the scheduled oral examination. 

The Chemistry office will notify faculty members when plan has been submitted and will forward it upon request.