Henry Teng

H. Henry Teng

Director of Grad Prog in Environmental Resource Policy Associate Professor of Chemistry and Geosciences
SEH 3680
Address: Science and Engineering Hall
800 22nd St. NW
Washington, District Of Columbia
Phone: 202-994-0112
[email protected]

Areas of Expertise

Surface Chemistry of Natural Materials


Current Research

The primary focus of my research is interfacial processes at mineral surfaces in aqueous environments.  Specific research fields expand from understanding thermodynamics of mineralization and dissolution to exploring mutual-effects of bio-molecules on surface structural development.  One of the commonly used experimental techniques in my research is Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM).  This instrument allows us to observe molecular scale surface process in ambient atmospheric environment as well as under solution flow-through conditions.  Data collected from AFM experiments help us to understand how growth/dissolution starts and proceeds in fluid, and where on mineral surfaces bio-molecules and even bacteria prefer to interact.  We also investigate the bulk solution processes of mineral-water interactions by analyzing temporal solution chemistry changes.  Results of these studies find wide implication and applications in both geosciences and environmental sciences.


  • BS, Nanjing University, 1982
  • MS, Temple University, 1994
  • PhD, Georgia Institute of Technology, 1999

Classes Taught

  • Geol 1005: Environmental Geology
  • Geol 1006: Science and the Environment
  • Chem 3140 / Geol 3140: Geochemistry