The George Washington University, founded in 1821, is located in downtown Washington, DC, the center of the federal government and one of the leading cultural centers of the country.  We are privileged to offer unique opportunities to our students.  The University has three major libraries with an excellent collection of monographs and all of the essential science and engineering journals. Additional library resources are available through the local university consortium and the many government research institutions.

The Department is relatively small, having 17 research and instructional faculty members.  With approximately 60 undergraduate chemistry majors and about 40 graduate students, there is significant interaction between students and professors.  We offer bachelors, masters, and doctoral degrees, as well as a 5 year BS/MS program in forensic chemistry.

Prestigious government facilities of direct relevance to chemistry in the Washington metropolitan area include:

Nuclear Energy, No Longer a Dirty Word

Associate Professor of Chemistry Christopher Cahill's research could impact future groundwater studies and the design of reactors and nuclear waste storage sites. He's exploring the effects of soluble uranium in an environment containing dissolved organic material, such as a pond or bog. Cahill found that when soluble uranium is combined with iron-rich minerals it will change into an immobile form. In his studies, he heats uranium salts mixed with organic compounds and then analyzes the resulting solids using X-rays to generate three-dimensional, atomic-level images of their structures.