Collaboration is critical to breakthroughs in research. In the Chemistry Department, close-knit teams of faculty members and students motivate each other toward new discoveries. From studying mutated proteins that cause birth defects to creating biodegradable and green solutions for the environment, our researchers work every day on solutions that have an immediate and lasting impact on the world. 

Chemistry students often tell us how much they enjoyed their research experiences. With a large faculty who are generous with their time and projects, the department offers one-of-a-kind lab opportunities for students from undergraduate through postgraduate levels. Students on small research teams enjoy a collegial community and the opportunity to build lifelong connections in the scientific world. And our students have been published in national publications, presented at conferences and even contributed their names to patents for inventions.


Student Research 

Research Areas 

Our faculty each have distinct areas of expertise within the chemistry discipline, and lead research teams corresponding to their expertise. Undergraduate and graduate students are engaged collaborators in their work.


Faculty and Research Staff Office Hours


Carly Filgueira with Dr. Houston Miller

"Professor Houston Miller saw my passion and commitment for research and cultivated and supported it."

Carly Filgueira
BS ’03
2018 Seminar Speaker


Research News


Can Chemistry Impact Brain Disease?

Chemistry Professor Ling Hao discusses chemistry, bioinformatics, and cell biology's role in human neurodegenerative disease research with CCAS Dean Paul Wahlbeck.


CCAS Professor Recognized for His Work in Chemistry

Christopher L. Cahill was awarded the 2023 Hillebrand Prize in recognition of his contributions to the science of chemistry.


Panoramic view of GW Chemistry lab