The GW Department of Chemistry has a long history of ground-breaking research in the chemical sciences. Our innovative labs explore the depths of matter while pushing the boundaries of science. Our work is at once independent and collaborative, field-specific and interdisciplinary, benchtop and translational. We invite you to explore the exciting work of our faculty through the pages below.


Analytical: Licht, Sadtchenko, and Vertes

Biochemistry: Dowd, Massiah, and Rodriguez

Inorganic: Besson, Cahill, and Voutchkova-Kostal

Organic: Dowd, King, and Voutchkova-Kostal

Physical: Miller, Sadtchenko, and Wagner

Theoretical: Chen and Kostal

Chemical Education: McClary and Zysmilich

On the Cutting Edge of Innovation

Few scientists have ridden an arc of innovation quite like Akos Vertes, a chemistry professor and award-winning inventor.

New Research Could Reduce the Global Warming Gas CO2

Professor of Chemistry Stuart Licht has developed a revolutionary carbon dioxide-free method of producing iron that could provide a breakthrough for an industry that has been using the same polluting process of iron smelting for more than three thousand years.