BS in Chemistry

GW Chemistry undergraduate student in a lab

With a slightly heavier emphasis on mathematics and natural sciences than the Bachelor of Arts, the Bachelor of Science track offers four options.

Option 1 suits students considering careers in fields such as medicine, dentistry, law and business.

Option 2 is for students preparing for graduate study in chemistry or planning to enter the chemical profession and seeking chemical training certification. This option fulfills the American Chemical Society (ACS) requirements for professional training.

Option 3 prepares students to meet the needs of federal and state forensic sciences laboratories. Students learn skills in homicide investigation, forensic pathology and trace evidence analysis of hairs and fibers, glass and soil, ignitable liquids and explosive residues.

Option 4 includes additional classes in biochemistry and fulfills the ACS certification requirement for biochemistry. Students are encouraged to include genetics, cell biology and human physiology in their course load.

    Scott Jackson Dantley

    "In The History of Chemistry, [my professor] highlighted diverse scientists who made meaningful impacts. As an African American student in chemistry, this made a lasting impression on me."

    Jackson Dantley Scott
    BS '92

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