Combined BS/MS in Environmental & Green Chemistry


GW Chemistry student in Voutchkova-Kostal lab


Experts in environmental chemistry examine the physical science underlying environmental problems and find potential solutions. The combined Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Environmental and Green Chemistry degree equips graduates for the competitive field with the latest knowledge and professional experience.

Studying in Washington, D.C. — the national hub of environmental policy decision making — brings with it exclusive internships and mentoring opportunities at institutions like the World Health Organization, the Environmental Defense Fund, the American Chemical Society and the Environmental Protection Agency. Many of these competitive jobs require a master’s degree in the field; at GW, undergraduate students can complete that degree on an accelerated track.  See What Our Environmental and Green Chemistry MS Students are Doing!


Before You Apply

Current GW students should consult the graduate studies advisor for the MS program (Prof. Voutchkova) in their sophomore or junior year before applying.   All students must complete a Columbian College Combined Bachelor’s/Master’s Program Application for Admission. The form must be submitted to the Columbian College Graduate Admissions Office. Once the form has been processed, the student will receive a formal admission letter and their student record will be updated accordingly.

Questions? Email us to speak to an advisor in the combined green chemistry program.


Course Requirements

All requirements for both the BA in Chemistry and the MS in Environmental and Green Chemistry must be completed — with the exception that six graduate credits may be taken as part of the undergraduate program.


Suggested Program of Study

CHEM 1111 & CHEM 1112

And one of the following:

  • MATH 1231 & MATH 1232
  • MATH 1220 & MATH 1221

CHEM 2122

CHEM 2151 & CHEM 2153

CHEM 2152 & CHEM 2154

PHYS 1021 or 1025

PHYS 1022 or 1026

MATH 1232 (if not taken in the first year)

CHEM 2123

CHEM 3171 & CHEM 3172

CHEM 3173

CHEM 4122

One elective (must be approved by program director)

CHEM 3165

CHEM 4134

Two of the following master's level courses:

  • CHEM 6280
  • CHEM 6281
  • CHEM 6282
  • CHEM 6283
  • CHEM 6284

One elective

Green Chemistry News

GW Student MS E&GC Dee (Darean) Bague presents to participating faculty, government and industry stakeholders

Environmental and Green Chemistry Students Present to Key Industry Stakeholders

Undergraduate and graduate students from the Chemical Toxicology and Safer Chemical Design course presented their final projects to key stakeholders in the D.C. area, including the Environmental Protection Agency, American Chemistry Council, Natural Resources Defense Council and ACS Green Chemistry Institute.