Chloe Corning, GW Undergraduate
Luther Rice Fellow Chloe Corning is recognized at the 2023 Scholars' Salon

Chemistry is a powerful springboard that can launch students into rich and rewarding careers in pharmacology, material science, clinical and forensic laboratories, academia, patent law and more. For students interested in postgraduate study or careers in a chemical field, our American Chemical Society-certified tracks offer a rigorous and nationally recognized foundation. For those considering careers in professional fields such as medicine, dentistry, law and business, we also offer a more flexible bachelor’s degree track that incorporates a wider selection of elective courses.

All of our undergraduate degree options provide a well-rounded base in chemical theory through hands-on laboratory experience in small sections.

Prospective and current students who have questions about the chemistry major are encouraged to email Dr. LaKeisha McClary, our Director of Undergraduate Studies. Dr. McClary is here for you to help you and be your advocate and ally. Please reach out to her at [email protected].

Registration Update from the Director of Undergraduate Studies

The summer schedule of classes is out.  Please note that chemistry classes will only be offered in session one.  If you wish to enroll in the second semester of a particular course then you will need to submit a transfer request or consortium request.  Transfer courses do not factor into your GPA but consortium courses do.  Before you register, get approval, review guidance about new chemistry courses, planning your program of study, consortium classes and more. Please read the latest update.



Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) 2024 

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Advancing Chemistry Research by Integrating Green Chemistry and Science Policy


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Our program provides a unique interdisciplinary research experience for undergraduates that combines environmental and green chemistry with science policy. Students will conduct research projects with a focus on solving fundamental problems related to either green and environmental chemistry or sustainability, targeting applications in renewable energy, water desalination, renewable feedstocks, and healthcare.

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REU Program Details

  • 10-week program: May 28 - August 2, 2024
  • $6,000 stipend
  • Travel and accommodation provided
  • Academic, professional development, and social programs
  • Summer research in the nation's capital!


Undergraduate News

2023 Grads

Spring 2024 Registration Update

The Spring 2024 schedule is now available. Read updates and more from Dr. LaKeisha McClary.

CCAS Alumna Abby Pepin on the Luther Rice Fellowship

For Luther Rice Undergraduate Research Fellow Abby Pepin, BS ’17, a chemistry degree led to a lifelong mentor in Associate Professor Martin Zysmilich.


Undergraduate Programs



Additional Requirements


ALEKS Chemistry Prep Course

All incoming students who intend to pursue certain academic fields including chemical sciences must complete the ALEKS Chemistry Preparatory Course. The ALEKS course occurs over the summer before undergraduate students begin at GW.

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In addition to meeting the general requirements stated under university regulations, a candidate for graduation with special honors in chemistry must maintain a cumulative 3.0 GPA in chemistry courses and take CHEM 4195 or CHEM 4195W for at least three credits over two semesters. Along with the final report required for the research course, honors-track students also complete a poster or oral presentation.


Hannah Yi

“Being a part of the Chemistry Department was one of the biggest highlights of undergrad. The entire department, including the administration and faculty, are so welcoming and friendly. I really enjoyed going to lab every day!”

Hannah Yi
BS '16