Antibody Drug Conjugate in Clinical studies, by Judy Yu, Global Medical Affairs Leader, AstraZeneca

Judy Yu, PhD Global Medical Affairs Leader, Astra Zeneca
Judy Yu, PhD Global Medical Affairs Leader, Astra Zeneca

 The Department of Chemistry Presents, via Online Zoom Presentation:  Judy Yu, PhD Global Medical Affairs Leader, Oncology Business Unit, Astra Zeneca

Please note that this seminar will be on Thursday whereas our seminars normally are on Friday.


Dr. Judy Yu is currently a global medical affairs leader with AstraZeneca Oncology Business Unit. She is responsible for medical and scientific support of innovative targeted therapies in clinical practice. She also oversees the development and execution of oncology companion diagnostic medical strategy to minimize testing barriers to therapy, and optimize clinical testing pathways. She organizes internal and external educational programs to all stakeholders in oncology precision medicine, as well as evidence generation to support oncology product portfolio strategy. Prior to AstraZeneca, she worked as a global marketing leader at Becton Dickinson in charge of global product marketing strategies, brand and portfolio life cycle management. She spent most of her career at Abbott Molecular right after graduate school, and held various positions as a diagnostic assay development scientist in R&D and scientific affairs director in global marketing. Dr. Yu has conducted several large scale worldwide studies to evaluate molecular diagnostic assays, and to demonstrate clinical utility and validity, analytical and clinical performance characteristics, and practical parameters (time-motion, workflow, throughput) of diagnostic assays. She not only has extensive experience in developing and evaluating new molecular technologies, searching for cancer biomarkers, and but also spent more than 15yrs working with clinical opinion leaders in practice and professional organizations establishing the utility and applications of new molecular diagnostic tools.
Dr. Yu has been active in various professional organizations. She served on the board of directors for American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics Foundation (ACMGF), and has been a member of:
American Society of Clinical Onololgy (ASCO)
International Association for the Study of Lung (IASLC)
Association of Molecular Pathologists (AMP)



Carnegie Mellon University, Ph.D.

Biochemistry, Biophysics and Molecular Biology

University of Minnesota Duluth, Master's degree


Peking University, B. S.



This will be an Online Zoom Seminar.