Class Notes, 2009

August 4, 2009

Ameer Ameer Al-Bayati, Ph.D. ’86, has been living in Dubai since 2005, and recently started a new job there. He is currently the Dean of Student Affairs and an Associate Professor at Al Ghurair University.

Elias Barghash, B.S. ’07, is applying to graduate schools in psychology, focusing on clinical and counseling programs. He writes that his goal is to work in a one-on- one counseling setting, and later down the line, obtain a Psy.D.

Cara Battistella received her B.S. in Chemistry and Criminal Justice in 2006. She is living in Atlanta now, where she works for Maloy Jenkins Parker as a legal assistant. Cara says that she is part personal assistant, part office manager, part book- keeper, part paralegal, and she loves it.

Alumnus Deepak Chander, B.S. ’06, has been attending graduate school at Louisiana State University. He expects to receive his Ph.D in 2011, and  he  will  get  his  MD in 2013.

Scott Dantley, B.S. ’92, is now an Associate Vice President for Planning and Assessment at Coppin State University.

Alumnus Mark Dexter, B.S. ’05, attended graduate school at Georgetown University. He is currently pursuing a degree at Eastern Virginia Medical School, which he expects to complete in 2011.

Stephen Elkind, B.S. ’08, is pursuing a Ph.D. in theoretical chemistry at the University of California, Berkeley. He is also doing research at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

Lauren Gassman, B.S. ’06, received a Master of Arts in teaching from Monmouth University. She is currently working as a high school chemistry teacher.

We are sad to report the passing of Doren Indritz, B.A. ’73. He is survived by his wife, Miriam.

Heather Jameson, B.S. ’06, is applying to graduate schools.

Malika Jeffries-El, Ph.D. ’01, Assistant Professor at Iowa State University, reports that she is now on the ballot as a Member at Large of the American Chemical Society’s Organic Division.

Alumna April Jewell, B.S. ’01, is pleased to report that she has received an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship. She is under the direction of Charles Sykes at Tufts University.

Jay Johnson, B.S. ’06, moved home to the Boston area, and he is currently working as a process chemist in the Instrument Re- search Group at Waters Corporation. His project focuses on developing and refining one of Waters new technology platforms, TRIZAIC™ UPLC®, an easy to use microfluidic lab-on-a-chip style separation de- vice for proteomics. Jay is also applying to a part time graduate program for profession- als in analytical chemistry.

Mike Kuhne, B.S. ’01, M.D. ’05, is currently living in Portland, OR.

Rebekah Kushner, B.S. ’05, writes that she is nearing completion of her Ph.D. in biochemistry, cell and developmental biology at Emory University. She is investigating the role of GALT in D. melanogaster development and homeostasis.

Congratulations to alumna Carly Levin, B.S. ’03, who successfully defended her dissertation in nanophotonics at Rice University.

Since receiving his Ph.D. in 2008, Daniel de Lill, has been working as a post doctoral research associate at the University of Nevada in Reno. He recently accepted an Assistant Professorship at Florida Atlantic University, and he is looking forward to the sunny weather!

In addition to her new job at Southern Poly- technic State University, Stephanie McCartney, Ph.D. ’09, and her husband Travis are expecting their first child in May. Best of luck to you both!

Alumna Kristine Merriman, B.S. ’08, has completed her master’s thesis in Archaeological Science at the University of Oxford, and she is remaining to complete her D.Phil. Kristine’s project will analyze organic residues on Bronze Age ceramics from the Eastern Mediterranean, relating this to perceptions of economic and political systems.

Karl Miller, B.S. ’98, writes that he is still with the Secret Service, but he anticipates a career change in the near future.

Alan Nadel, B.S. ’71, J.D. ’76, fondly re- calls his first GW chemistry lecture, which was taught by Prof. Naeser. He’ll never for- get the legendary Halloween lectures, which were always filled to capacity.

Alumnus Charles Phillips, B.S. ’86, M.D. ’90, writes that he is currently a research physician on staff at Oregon Health and Science University in Portland, Oregon. He specializes in critical care, as well as doing research in acute lung injury. Charles points to his GW experience as being fundamental in shaping who he is today.

Prof. Emeritus Ed Caress sent us an update on Ira Rosenberg, Ph.D. ’70, who retired from Bristol Meyers Squibb after 35 years. Ira has started a small internet company which will allow voice and image interfaces with Blackboard.

Salar Samii, B.S. ’07, is a research chemist at Supernus Pharmaceuticals Inc. He is eager to help out fellow GW grads, so if you are interested in working there, you can email him at [email protected].

Since receiving his Ph.D. in 1999, Terrence Schull, has spent most of his career as a re- search chemist at NRL. He’s done some moving around in the last couple years. He worked on the CARA mission for the US Army 20th Support Command. On this project, he trained for war fighter protection using near real-time analysis of chemical and biological warfare agents in the field through GC/MS, LC/MS, XRD, XRF, FT-IR, and Raman spectroscopy. Most recently, Teri has been working in the Advanced Materials group at BAE Systems doing sensor integration research.

From 1996 to 2001, Joel Shulman, B.S. ’65, was Manager of External Relations and Associate Director of Corporate Research at P&G, with responsibilities for bringing new technical capabilities into the company. Included in his department were doctoral recruiting, university relations, interactions with government laboratories, and technology acquisition from Russia and China. Upon his retirement from P&G in 2001, he joined the faculty at the University of Cincinnati, where he manages the Department of Chemistry’s Industrial Affiliates Program, teaches a course called “Life After Graduate School,” and serves as a resource for graduate students preparing for the work force. Joel is a consultant to the ACS Office of Graduate Education and a workshop presenter for the ACS Department of Career Management and Development.

Stan Seelig, BA ’77, runs a consulting firm which holds many patents in applied chemistry.

We are delighted to hear that Gunjan Shah, B.S. ’04, finished medical school at Temple University, and we look forward to learning where he will do his residency.

Lee Silverberg, B.S. ’86, has spent most of his career in industry, but he decided to change career paths. He recently accepted a one- year position at Penn State Schuylkill campus, and he will be teaching general and organic chemistry.

Glauco Souza, B.S. ’92, Ph.D. ’01, is now the Chief Scientific Officer for Nano3D Biosciences, Inc. in Houston.

Congratulations to Christine Spell, B.S. ’09! In addition to her new job and the move to Las Vegas, she has gotten married, and she now goes by Christine Monell.

Maggie Teliska, Ph.D. ’04, writes that she received a promotion, and it keeps her busy with lots of travel. She also gave her first interview, which is available online.

Renee Verdecchio, B.S. ’07, is working for BASF, Fuel Cell Inc. as a staff scientist.

After receiving his B.S. in 2009, Sean Wilson, started a graduate program in chemistry at the University of California, Davis.

Julia Lee Yi, B.S. ’06, is keeping busy. She spent a year doing a post-bac at the University of Maryland, Baltimore, and she is now in pharmacy school there. Julia is also a Core Member at her church, and she writes that the high school kids there are her life