Class Notes, 2011

August 2, 2011

Lee Silverburg (BS ’86) accepted a tenure-track position at Penn State Schuylkill as an Assistant Professor. He is very excited about teaching and running a small undergraduate research program.

Cory Antonakos (BS ’10) received an NSF research fellowship to support her work on her PhD at UC Berkley.

After graduation, Ryan Brennan (PhD ’09) moved to Massachusetts. He and his wife are very proud of their first child, Aidan Garrett.

Prof. Vertes met up with Kathrine Baldwin (BS ’11) at ASMS. She reports that she is doing well in Amina Woods’ lab at NIH.

Anice Mathew (MS ’10) married Jaideep Khapre whom she met while studying at GW. They traveled home to India for the wed- ding.

Alumna Renee Verdecchio (BS ’11) works at BASF as a staff scientist.

Joel Shulman (BS ’65) was elected an ACS Fellow. Congratulations!

Best of luck to Zohra Olumee-Shabon (PhD ’99), who accepted a Staff Fellow position with the Center for Veterinary Medicine at the FDA.

Olesya Chornoguz (BS ’05) spent a year at PNNL after graduating with her BS, before moving on to UMBC.

Another former member of the Vertes group has also accepted a position with the FDA. Peter Nemes (PhD ’09) became a Staff Fellow after completing a post doc at the University of Illinois.

Glauco Souza (PhD ’04) is doing well at n3D Biosciences, Inc. He passed on articles that were published in Nature, and in  Nanotechnology Now.

Nancy Guan (BS ’11) is attending the University of Maryland

Pharmacy school.

Gunjan Shah (BS ’04) finished medical school at Temple, follow- ing up with a residency in Internal Medicine at Jefferson University. She plans to do a fellowship Hematology/Oncology Fellowship at Tufts University.

Kaveh Kahen (PhD ’06) is a Principle Research Scientist at AB Sciex in Ontario, Canada.

Kaveh Jorabchi (PhD ’06) accepted a tenure track Assistant Professor position at Georgetown University.

Najmeh Izadpanah (BS ’09) worked as a medical scribe at INOVA Fair Oaks’ Emergency Department before moving on to medical school.

Alumnus Terry Schull (PhD ’99) spent many months in Afghanistan on a contract with his company, Six3 Systems. He recently came back to the DC area looking for his next contracting opportunity.

Scott Dantley (BS ’92) is an Associate Vice President at Copping State University in Maryland.

After a brief hiatus from chemistry, Jonathan Congmon is planning to start a Master’s program in chemistry.

Chase Bovaird (BS ’08) got a job at PNNL after graduation.

Tiffany Wong (BA ’10) attended the GW Medical School after being accepted early decision.

Candace Payne (BS ’11)is doing graduate research in Prof. James Anderson’s lab at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland. Her project involves synthesizing Pt and Pd nanoparticles and using them in catalysis.

Carly (Levin) Filgueira (BS ’03) accepted a position at the Methodist Hospital Research Institute in the Texas Medical Center in Houston., where she works for the department of genomic medicine under the direction of Dr. Paul Webb. She also works under Drs. Berkenstam and Phillips and with Dr. Gustaffson at University of Houston.

Scott Keeler (MD ’82, BA ’78) stopped by the department while visiting GW with his daughter on their college tour. Scott is an MD, and worked in Colorado before moving on to a hospital in Southern Mississippi about 10 years ago.

After graduation, Ali Khameinei (BS ’10) spent one year doing re- search with the NIH while applying to medical school.

Stephanie McCartney (PhD ’09) reports that her two boys are doing well, and they’re getting bigger every day. Stevie is 3, and Fenton is already approaching 1 year. Stephanie continues to work for Southern Polytechnic University in Marietta, GA.

Xiaodong (Daniel) Tang (PhD ’97) is VP of Operations of DMPK/Bioassay of Frontage Laboratories in Shanghai