Class Notes, Spring 2018

September 08, 2018

Adebola Adeniyi, BS ’16, has recently finished a master’s and biology instructor lab position at Loyola University of Chicago (MAMS). Adebola also was a chemistry lab instructor for Loyola's nursing school and will be starting medical school in the fall.

Nan An, PhD ’17, is now working at the FDA Office of Cosmetics and Colors as a contractor.

Nathaniel “Nate” Bachtel, BS ’17, spent this year researching how HIV-1 proteins help to evade human immune responses during chronic infection. In the fall, he will be matriculating into Yale's Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP).

Randy Beatty, BS ’74, has just completed 44 years of working, the last 25 at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. He went on after GW to get his PhD in chemical engineering and will retire in January 2019. Randy still remembers working at the Smithsonian on his senior project while at GW.

Mary (Tupling) Bergman, BS ’74, was a research associate at the U. of C Department of Immunology after graduation. Currently, after a career in alternative medicine, she is completing her Doctorate of Acupuncture/Oriental Medicine. Her capstone is based on Dendritic cells and herbal medicine.

Bhoomi Brahmbhatt, BS ’99, is a board certified ob/gyn who recently became trained in robotic surgery. She is also raising a 7- and 5-year-old with her husband in San Diego, Calif., and sharing her experiences on her baby bhoom blog.

Vanessa Cardona, BS ’17, was accepted into the forensic chemistry five-year program at GW, and she is getting ready to graduate with her Master of Forensic Science. She is looking forward to beginning her career in forensic science.

Daniel Cooksey, BS ’17, is currently living in Osnabrück, Germany, as a participant of the Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange fellowship. He is currently working at a local nonprofit designed to help refugees integrate into the community.

Kaitlin Cowles, BS ’17, is pursuing an MS in Education from the University of Pennsylvania GSE through the Boarding School Teaching Residency (BSTR). As a BSTR fellow, she works and lives at Miss Porter's School in Farmington, Conn., and is currently teaching mathematics.

Donald Danald, BS ’72, retired in 2002 from the pharmaceutical/medical device industry as VP of regulatory affairs. Previous positions in this professional line included laboratory director for several Pharma/MedDev companies leading up to this final assignment.

Larry Fertel, BS ’81, is research director at IsleChem LLC. Located in Western New York; they are a stone's throw from Niagara Falls. He focuses on process research and scale up of chemical processes in all areas of chemistry. He has fond memories of his time at GW.

Richard Fisher, BS ’16, has been working at the NIH since graduation and will be attending medical school in the fall.

Ryan T. Gualtier, BS ’07, is assistant professor in the Department of Anesthesiology, Perioperative Care, and Pain Medicine at NYU Langone Health, and site director of Pain Medicine at NYU Langone-Brooklyn.

Emmeline Ha, BS ’14, graduated from medical school in May 2018. After eight years at GW, she will be moving to California to start her family medicine residency at Stanford University.

Atul Jani, BS ’82, is in private practice in general surgery in California since 1990. Atul is married and has two daughters in college.

Mona Khurana, BS ’94, is a team leader in the Division of Pediatric and Maternal Health at the FDA. She works collaboratively with pharmaceutical companies and FDA staff to promote pediatric drug development across 16 therapeutic areas.

George Latimer, BS ’55, continues to serve as the editor of Official Methods of Analysis (AOAC) and the U.S. representative of EPTIS.

Jennifer B. Lee, BS ’17, is currently an MHA student at Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health.

John-Hanson Machado, BS ’16, makes life glow with Erik Rodriguez, PhD, at GW Chemistry. Together they study cancer chemistry and develop high content pharmaceutical drug screens using fluorescent technologies—crushing it, full time.

Maria Martins, BS ’84, is a practicing high risk obstetric physician in Central New Jersey. Thirty-four years after her graduation, her twin sons Ryan and Christopher will become the GW Class of 2018. “Congratulations!”

Michael Mavrofrides, BS ’96, skipped out on teaching high school mathematics in favor of globe trotting around the world running corporate trainings for everyone from business users to software developers, along the way giving home brewed beers to Sammy Hagar.

Larissa (Khalil) May, BS ’97, is now professor of emergency medicine at the University of California Davis, where she leads a patient safety program in antibiotic stewardship and conducts clinical research in antibiotic stewardship and infectious diseases diagnostics.

Jeff McPhee, BS ’04,  is currently working at Bristol Myers Squibb, as an "analytical product lead. Professor Houston Miller was his PChem teacher (thermodynamics), as well as his undergraduate research advisor during his senior year. (Best memory was the trip to NIST to get mass spec instrumentation.) Fast forward to now, he obtained his PhD in analytic chemistry in 2010 (worked in the industry for one year after undergrad and prior to grad school). He completed his PhD at Colorado State University. His dissertation involved steady state and time resolved spectroscopy (mainly fluorescence correlation spectroscopy).

Greg McWhir, BS ’10, recently graduated medical school and is currently an emergency medicine resident in New York City.

Eman Mirdamadi, BS ’16, is enrolled in Carnegie Mellon University for a MS in biomedical engineering with research (a two year program) starting this fall. Eman plans to apply to Carnegie Mellon's PhD Biomedical Engineering Program after his MS program.

Ramesh Nathan, BS ’96, completed his internal medicine residency and infectious diseases fellowship. Ramesh is now an infectious diseases physician and hospital epidemiologist where he sees patients and utilizes rapid diagnostic testing methods that are based on MALDI-TOF mass spec!

Katarzyna (Bagheri) Ostrzenska, BS ’91, completed her BS in chemistry 27 years ago. She has since completed medical school and returned to GW for her residency in Internal Medicine. She is currently working in a private practice in Florida.

Donald Reinhard, MS ’64, says: “My experience in the 60's under Dr. Wrenn provided me with a new level of confidence which was extremely useful at GE's Corporate Research Center.” Now Donald is a retired tennis player and gardener.

Nicholas “Nick” Ryan, BS ’16, is finishing up his post bac MS in anatomical and translational science. He is applying to medical schools in June and will be moving back to Massachusetts to continue working in a new clinical role.

Renée (Verdecchio) Smith, BS ’07, is living in New Jersey. She works as a relay test engineer at the local electric utility.

Mark Vogt, BS ’82, MD ’86, is currently chair of the department of anesthesia at Suburban Hospital, Johns Hopkins Medicine. Prior to that he was at medical school, for his MD at GW in 1986, surgery at WHC and anesthesia at USC. His time in chemistry was still the best.

Henry Weaver, BS ’50, received a PhD in physical chemistry from the University of Delaware in 1953. He taught at Goshen College and the University of California at Santa Barbara as well as in Peru and Nepal and retired as deputy director of the education abroad program of the University of California system.

Hanhui Xu, MS ’06, is currently working at Lonza, Inc. as a senior scientific specialist of special chemical ingredients. “Thanks for the study in GW.”

Yazeed Yabroudi, BS ’09, is superintendent of the raw materials laboratory at Emirates Global Aluminium working in both sites, Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and responsible for identifying high purity raw materials for aluminum production and managing a team of 25 chemists and analysts.