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A.D. Britt, Madeleine Reines Jacobs, Charles R. and Elma M. Naeser Scholarships Summer Research Opportunities in Chemistry

The A. D. Britt, Madeleine Reines Jacobs, and Charles R. and Elma M. Naeser Scholarships honor outstanding GW students in the field of chemistry by supporting summer research opportunities in one of the Department’s research laboratories. After selecting a research advisor from among the chemistry faculty, the award winner and research mentor then choose a suitable research project, which is to be completed during the summer in the laboratory of the mentor. A written report, describing the results of the investigation, is required at the completion of the summer research project. Students who hold Luther Rice or George Gamow awards may not concurrently receive a monetary award from these scholarships, but will be acknowledged. Each scholarship is valued at $5000.00. The criteria for the selection of the recipients are as follows:  Students must be a declared chemistry major at The George Washington University.  Candidates must have a minimum overall GPA (grade point average) of 3.00.  Candidates must also have a minimum GPA of 3.00 in the sciences.  In order to be eligible, applicants must have completed Chem. 2122, 2151, 2152, 2153, and 2154 by the end of the Spring 2024 semester.  Students enrolled in the BA/MD program are not eligible. Written applications must be submitted to the Chemistry Office ([email protected]) by March 15. These applications should be a brief statement of your interest in holding summer stipend, along with your GPA, your grades in completed chemistry courses, and the name of a research advisor who has agreed to serve as your research mentor. Award winners will be notified no later than March 31. Please address any questions to the Chemistry Office at [email protected].


Undergraduate Researcher Spencer Bystrom, recipient of the Madeleine Reines Jacob award in a research lab

"Through the generous Madeleine Reines Jacobs scholarship, I spent a summer devoted to the study of chemistry and organic synthesis. More importantly, I solidified my plans for a future career in pharmaceutical science and research. Thank you for this incredible opportunity!"

Spencer Bystrom
GW Department of Chemistry, Undergraduate Researcher and recipient of the Madeleine Reines Jacobs Award