Publishing methods papers and the life of a journal editor: a perspective from the chief editor of Nature Methods, by Allison Doerr, Chief editor of Nature Method

Allison Doerr, Chief editor of Nature Method
Allison Doerr, Chief editor of Nature Method

 The Department of Chemistry Presents, via Online Zoom Presentation:  Allison Doerr, Chief editor of Nature Method

A major goal of many scientific researchers is obtaining exciting results and publishing them in a well-regarded journal. As Chief Editor of Nature Methods, I will take you behind the scenes of a scientific journal and describe how we select, review, improve and disseminate important research to a broad community. I will also discuss what we specifically look for in a Nature Methods paper and provide some general tips for getting your work published in a top journal. Finally, I will give my perspective on the editorial career and the daily life of a professional editor.


Allison Doerr began conducting research in polymer chemistry as an undergraduate at Vassar College. She obtained her Ph.D. in Chemistry from Princeton University working in George McLendon's laboratory, where she studied de novo protein receptor design and investigated protein-ligand interactions using NMR spectroscopy. She covers biochemistry and chemical biology content for the journal, including proteomics, metabolomics and structural biology. Allison joined Nature Methods in February 2005 and has been Chief Editor since November 2018. 



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This will be an Online Zoom Seminar.