Spring 2024 Registration Update

Letter from Dr. LaKeisha McClary

November 1, 2023

2023 Grads


The Spring schedule is now available. When planning for Spring 2024, please take the opportunity to review your program of study. Do not rely on Consortium courses for courses required for your major. If you have questions or concerns about your program of study (e.g., because you are a double major or have a minor that may present course conflicts with major requirements), email [email protected] with dates and times in a two week window when you're available so we can review options. 

New in Spring 2024, in addition to our usual spring offerings we will offer CHEM 2151, CHEM 2153, and CHEM 3167.  CHEM 2151 and CHEM 2153 are being offered for the first time during the spring semester here at GW. We will offer CHEM 2152 and CHEM 2154 during Fall 2024. We have seen a demand for these courses through the consortium, and we are delighted to be able to offer them here at GW going forward. CHEM 3167 (Biochemistry lab) is required for chemistry majors pursuing the ACS-Certified Biochemistry option. For chemistry minors the course can be taken instead of CHEM 2123W to fulfill the last laboratory requirement. Otherwise, we invite you to consider completing the biochemistry lab course as an elective. 

Consortium requests for chemistry courses not offered at GW next semester can be submitted via the Chemistry Department's online consortium request form along with the required documents included on the website. Consortium requests for chemistry courses have to be submitted before December 1

Spring 2023, registration begins November 13 (view the registration schedule). I have emailed those of you who are currently enrolled in CHEM 4195 and CHEM 4195W as well as those needing to enroll in CHEM 2123W regarding how to register for these courses. If you would like to enroll in undergraduate research as an elective, then reply to that email or contact me directly

If you would like to register for summer courses at other institutions, those courses have to be pre-approved. Departments have different approvers, so view their websites or visit their department offices to learn more about their process. The Chemistry Department's policies for having a chemistry course evaluated for transfer credit are available here, and you can learn more about GW's transfer policy hereIt's best to start the process as early as possible as not all courses with the same name are equivalent, and it can take time to approve courses. I will accept transfer requests for Summer 2024 chemistry courses February 1-May 15. Chemistry courses are not approved for transfer credit after their start date.

Dr. LaKeisha McClary