Adelina Voutchkova-Kostal

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Adelina Voutchkova-Kostal

Associate Professor of Chemistry


Office Phone: (202) 994-6477
800 22nd St. NW Washington DC 20052

Organometallic catalysis, Green chemistry, Chemical toxicology, Rational design of safer industrial chemicals

Our group aims to address the urgent need to develop more environmentally benign methodologies for the fine chemicals industry. Specifically, we are exploring novel multifunctional catalysts that improve atom/energy economy, allow the use of renewable feedstocks and minimize the toxic waste streams released into the environment. We are particularly interested in a class of catalytic materials that incorporates a homogeneous and heterogeneous catalyst in a single entity. In addition to being easily recoverable, these catalysts could facilitate a variety of otherwise challenging synthetic and energy-related transformations, such as CO2 activation and utilization. Another class of catalysts that we are exploring consists of functionalized magnetic nanoparticles, which can be effective recyclable catalysts for reactions of importance to the fine chemical industries, like alcohol-amine couplings. We utilize green chemistry and industrial ecology metrics to assess the environmental impact of the reactions we develop.

Our second focus, the rational design of safer industrial chemicals, aims to address the urgent need to develop methods for minimizing the probability that a new chemical will have adverse biological effect before it is ever synthesized. We rely on methodology from medicinal chemistry, molecular toxicology and biostatistics to explore the differences between chemical properties and spectroscopic characteristics of chemicals that exhibit particular toxicity endpoints from those that do not. The insights we develop can be directly applied to inform the design of safer and efficacious industrial chemicals.

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Associate Research Scientist, Center for Green Chemistry and Green Engineering at Yale

PhD., Yale University, 2008

B.A. Middlebury College